“Children bring the gift of love to humanity, and through our work with them we serve the higher aspirations of civilization.”
- Maria Montessori

Sidewalks End Montessori Preschool Colorado Springs


Nov. 1, 2012
Dear Grace and Lynne,

I wanted to express my gratitude to you. I have been so pleased with A's experience at Sidewalk's End Montessori School. She has progressed beautifully in your program, her independence and social skills have really blossomed. Her ability to recognize the alphabet sounds and beginning to read is exactly what I was hoping for by enrolling in a pre-school program. After having three older children attend the traditional pre-school route, I had no idea how wonderful Montessori instruction actually advances overall educational goals.

I am excited to see her progress with this program. I also wanted to thank you for your kindness and compassion to both A and myself. You are both such wonderful teachers, directors and mothers. I always feel welcome and my child feels adored. Best wishes for continued success!


- L.Z.

What’s not to love about Sidewalk’s End? The school is in the middle of a peaceful, treed neighborhood with a lawn on one side where the kids have picnics under the big tree during the warm months, run through sprinklers, and more. The other side of the school has a vegetable garden, a sandbox, a play structure, lots of outdoor toys and plenty of room to run around. The inside of the school is light, bright and well organized, and is pure Montessori – with tons of different works in all areas, my daughter never gets bored. The teachers are AWESOME. Warm, caring, full of positive energy, down-to-earth and calm but firm, they manage the entire school with a benevolence that sets a wonderful tone.

My daughter, who has never made an easy new school transition, jumped right into this school and into the lap of Ms. Grace who greeted her each morning with a huge smile and read her books. I also love how parent friendly the school is – better hours than other pure Montessori schools, including a fantastic summer program with Science and Language focused weeks, competitive pricing, easy payments.

Sidewalk’s End is wonderful because it is focusing on what kids need and love to learn at this age, Practical Life activities, Math and Reading Skills, and even planning skills – my daughter is encouraged to make a plan at the beginning of her day to decide what she will do and then check off the things as she does them – she loves it! They have a wonderful pretend play area and the teachers have a flair for engaging with and encouraging this kind of play - one fond memory was during space camp week when they constructed a rocket out of a cardboard box, and took a picture of my daughter "going to Pluto".

I am so happy for my daughter to be part of this wonderful community. I wish I could give it ten stars on a five star scale.

- J.R.


“He loves going to school everyday and never wants to come home when it is time. You and Lynne are wonderful teachers and have so much love and patience for the kids. It was a relief knowing that his first experience with school was so comforting but also educational. Thank you so much for all that you have done.”
- C.H. - Mother of 3 year old

“I switched my daughter from a traditional preschool program mid year to Sidewalk's End Montessori. In a few short months, I have noticed such a change in her behavior and learning. I believe the unique style of Montessori has allowed her to grow at her own pace, which she needed. Thanks Lynne and Grace!” 
- A.M. - Mother of 3 year old

“Our son had just turned 3 when we visited Sidewalk's End Montessori School in our search for a preschool that would meet his needs. He was pretty timid at the time, so we were looking for a school that wasn't too big or overwhelming. Sidewalk's End is just the right size, large enough to accommodate the large collection of Montessori materials, and yet not so big as to intimidate very young kids. Owners and teachers Lynne and Grace truly embrace the Montessori philosophy. Their love of teaching is reflected in everything they do, from their interactions with the kids to planning special celebrations, such as the annual Soup Feast. The children receive plenty of individual instruction and are exposed to concepts and materials when the timing is right for them. Our son has grown and flourished, both academically and socially during his time at Sidewalk's End and we feel very fortunate to have found such a caring and engaging environment for him to develop a love of learning.”  
- Steve and Nancy Stepp

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